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A Better Calendar

This poem originally appeared in Elohi Gadugi Journal, 2013.

A Better Calendar


arrow green shoot, new flame

augur Equinox of dark and light

birth scattered by squirrels

branches red with buds


chlorophyll rises, compost cooks

cut daffodils in every room, cut tulips

dawn an earlier pleasure

day stays out past curfew


endive and escarole

enter heat and her retinue of flies

fancy the lilacs’ scented bordello

fingerling potatoes pulse underground


given sun and sun: abundance

green saturation calling her name

heartstop tomatoes an heirloom promise

hours of day yield minutes to night


ice cream, iced coffee, ice tea

irrigation early and late

jiving the honey bees’ hive

June sings June, sings July


knotweed feathers the stillness

knotweed invasion on the rise

listen to cicadas’ jazz, lovers,

listen, sweat cooling scented skin


marriage of tomatoes, mozzarella & basil

marriage of morning chill, fleece & flannel

night takes day’s hand walking a dusty path

now the harvest, now the turning leaves


oak fires in the hearth stove

orchestral sunsets, strings of salmon, coral & gold

patterns of geese language writ in grey sky

patterns of orange boletes


quell the silent sadness

quiet the somnolent fog

remember me, morning, lost in night’s embrace

remember me, dead ones, returning through the veil


seed catalogs on the nightstand, gathering dreams

seed potatoes in the cellar, growing eyes

telling, the seal dreams of polar bears

trumpet, the peal of first light across the ice


under the rain, light ushers the day

under the soil, warming rooms of worms

verdant a promise, a secret to be revealed

vital the long sweet kiss of rain


weather a symphony, whether the sun

wherever a pea, a calendar begun

x-ing through the mulch of old leaves

xanthophyll rises within the green


year out, year in

yellow slickers in the mist

zed signals an ending

zenith the heavens above

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