Three Walk Block

Updated: Mar 25

from Family House (2012)

In the bounding stream of babies flowing through our houses

Is the strain of tumbled emotions revealed

In snippets of temper, worried kisses,

Knots of uncertainty,

Combers of abandon.

We side-stroke through hurried minutes, crawl through scrambled hours,

Our voices stirred, muffled,

Tossed about in tears, in chortles, in rounded guffaws, in stern rebukes.

We melt together, an amalgam of comfort, deadlines, appointments,

Then, settle out into our separate moments,

Left alone to swim in parched channels,

Waiting and thirsty

For the flood to come again and sweep us away

Into the confusion of this surging

Life that pulses tidally down the blocks and in through our doors.

Illustration by Ellem Wellborn

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