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Hello, I am Jillian and write under the pen name Jillian Bald. I am happy to meet my fellow Lane writers. I moved from Southern Oregon to rural Eugene in 2019 and am getting used to the mossiness of the Willamette Valley again.

When I am not managing our home business, whacking weeds in our untamed six acres, or rounding up the dogs, I am writing at my computer. (Yes, I need a real keyboard. I am old enough to have learned jjj, iii, lll ... on a manual typewriter).

In 2015, I published the first book of my historical fiction trilogy, "The House of Baric," through my tiny indie publishing company. It has been a creative experience and a huge learning curve, but all three novels are out in the world in e-book, paperback, hardcover, and even audio editions. Epic and long, I am proud of the Baric saga, but I vowed to make my next novels shorter!

From 17th century Venetians, to alternative history, to 18th century emigration--what ends up on my pages is historical romance. Not the bodice-ripping sort of romance. When writing about life, I can't help but add a realistic love story element.

My goal in 2020 is to finish, polish, and put one of my WIP on the path to publication. Finishing BOTH novels outlined on my computer would be even better!

More about me is on my website:

My facebook page is

My books are on goodreads:

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