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I write poems and essays, to-do lists, policy memos and letters. Moving more than 20 times across three states and four countries as a child, I’m a sixth-generation Eugenean. A through-line in my writing is the gift and cost of inheritance—whether the shape of my eyebrows or climate catastrophe.

My work has appeared in such publications as: Oregon Humanities, Cold Mountain Review, Confrontation, Delaware Poetry Review, KYSO, San Pedro River Review, and Timberline Review. My poems also are in several anthologies and collections, including: All We Can Hold, Poems of Motherhood; Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse; The Book of Donuts; and the Dreamers Anthology.

A former co-coordinator for the Windfall reading series, I've hung with Red Sofa Poets and the 1st & 3rd poetry critique group. Among my touchstone poems are "About Marriage," by Denise Levertov, and "Written in Pencil in the Sealed Railway Car," by Dan Pagis.

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