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My poetry often captures my life growing up in a Montana working-class railroad family and an amazingly odd childhood that got me interested in opposites like chemistry and poetry, history and drama. These extremes guided me even though science took the career lead.

But when I became a father of four starting in my late twenties, I used poetry to rebuild memories of those early days in Havre with my family. It has taken decades, however, to string together my poetry collection Fighting Exile, published by Kelsay Publishing in September 2018. I consider it a slowly brewed poetic memoir. Please join me in a Montana tour.

I’m a green chemical engineer by profession, starting my career with a major research firm. Skills learned and additional degrees positioned me to begin my own company, where I have primarily focused on creating and commercializing renewable and sustainable technologies. Poetry has become a growing part of my life. Further—and no exaggeration—poetry saved my life. But that is a story for another day.

My first collection, Chiseled from the Heart was published by Vigeland Museum, Norway, 2000.

I have not won a Pulitzer nor a Pushcart nor a pogo stick but am pleased to have my poetry appear in, among others, Dos Passos Review, Concho River Review, The Evansville Review, Fireweed, Curbside Review, Rattlesnake Review, The Antioch Review, and North American Review. I feed my poetry with my work and travels to places like Israel, South Africa, Scandinavia, Iceland, Finland, Canada, and Japan. I live in Blue River, Oregon with my wife Susan and our black cat SAM I AM.

Terry Brix

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